The foundation of effective therapy is privacy.   Therefore, every effort is made to protect your confidentiality.  There are some limitations to confidentiality which are detailed in a separate Confidentiality form.  The principal exceptions include danger to self or others, suspected abuse or neglect of a child or elder, and/or a court order.

Payment for Services

You have the choice of paying directly for services or using your health insurance.  Although it might be easier financially to use your health insurance, this will reduce your privacy.  A psychiatric diagnosis must be submitted with insurance claims.  Information about your treatment may also be requested by your insurance company.  It is also possible that a psychiatric diagnosis can negatively impact your ability to obtain future life or disability insurance.

Each clinician sets his or her own fees.  Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.  If you choose to use your health insurance  you are responsible for your co-payments at the time of your appointment.  Your therapist will bill your insurance company for you.

The therapists listed on this site are contracted with many of the major health insurance carriers. If you choose to use your health insurance please tell your potential therapist during the initial phone call to be sure that she or he is a provider for your plan.

When you make an appointment you and your therapist both commit to that time.  If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment your therapist must be notified on the prior business day 24 hours before your appointment time.  You will incur a fee for any late cancellations or missed appointments as insurance companies cannot be billed for these.

Emergency Coverage

Each therapist has an established procedure for emergency contact.  Each clinician arranges for coverage by another mental health professional if she or he is going to be unavailable.  If you are experiencing an emergency and cannot wait for a call from your therapist, or a covering clinician,  please go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911.